Tolofon dam in Charmisko location and irrigation networks study

Project Title:
Tolofon dam in Charmisko location and irrigation networks study
Region of Sterea Ellada, Fokida, Greece
Ministry of Rural Development and Food
2012 - 2013
Project Description:
The Project refers to the Outline Design, Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of an earth dam with clay core ( 35 m high, 320 m long and reservoir capacity of 3,600,000 m3) water intake and 3.8 km irrigation water supply ( serving 450 ha, 2,500,000 m3 total water demand ) along with two intermediate irrigation reservoirs, of 400 and 200 m3 capacity, on Stournarorema – Eratini Stream, in Fokida, Mainland Greece.
The proposed works included:
  • Dam Catchment area 46.6 km2 , with average level 745 m and total runoff 15,000,000 m3 / year
  • Dam Reservoir Capacity 3,600,000 m3
  • Dam Foundations Zone and Concrete Injection Curtain, Embankments Stability
  • Diversion Dam and Diversion – Evacuation Tunnel
  • Earth Dam Design, 35.0 m high, crest 10.0 m, slopes 1:2.75, 1:2.25, Dam Volume 700,000 m3
  • Front-Side Weir 300 m3/s, L type, Drop Channel 10.0 m, Energy Dissipation, Outflow Channel
  • Water Intake and Evacuation
  • Dam Control Instruments
  • Pumping station, valve housing
  • Irrigation Pipeline 3.8 km
  • Irrigation Storage Tanks 400 m3 and 200 m3
  • Irrigation Network 450 Ha
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Construction Tender Documents
Services Provided:
  • Introductory Report (Data Collection and Supporting Studies Programme)
  • Outline Design Study (Detailed Options Analysis)
  • Hydrologic Study
  • Surveying
  • Geological and Geotechnical Conditions Evaluation
  • Material Borough Pits Definition
  • Dam Foundations and Concrete Injection Curtain Study
  • Dam Hydraulic Calculations
  • Dam Stability Study
  • Earthquake Risk Analysis Study
  • Dambreak Flood Wave Runoff Simulation Study
  • Dam Civil Works Structural Design Study
  • Water Intake and Pumping Station Detailed Design
  • Civil Works (pumping station, pipeline, storage tanks, etc.) Hydraulic and Structural Design Study
  • Irrigation networks Study
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities
  • Cost Estimates
  • Tender Documents