Water transportation to Karla lake, Thessaly, Greece

Project Title:
Water transportation to Karla lake, Thessaly, Greece
Region of Thessaly, Greece
Ministry of Environment Planning and Public Works
2004 – 2007
Project Description:
The Project contained to the construction of a water intake, irrigation pumping station, reservoir and 45 km water transportation canal from Pinios river to Karla lake
The proposed works included:
  • Water intake from Pinios River
  • Irrigation Pumping Station
  • Reservation tank
  • Rectangular water canal
  • Trapezoidal water canal
  • Design of the required supporting structures
Services provided:
  • Irrigation Pumping Station & Reservoir – detailed design
  • Rectangular water canal – detailed design
  • Trapezoidal canal – detailed design
  • Pumping Station, House Valve & Reservoir – detailed design
  • Structural design of Pumping Station & adjacent Reservoir
  • Preparation of construction Tender documents