Jeddah 4 Industrial city infrastructure works

Project Title:
Jeddah 4 Industrial city infrastructure works
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
MODON, The Saudi Industrial Property Authority
2014 - on going
Project Description:
The Project refers to the design of wet services infrastructure of JEDDAH 4 Industrial City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The Project included Flood Protection Design Study, Potable Water Distribution Networks, Sewerage Network including Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal, Storm Drainage design system, Treated Sewage Effluent Irrigation Network, Preparation of Construction and Tender Documents
The proposed works included:
  • Evaluation of wastewater collection system
  • Design of a viable wastewater collection and treatment system
  • Evaluation of alternatives and selection of location of Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Gravity sanitary collection system 32 km, Φ200 to Φ800 pipes
  • Pumping stations, valve housing and piping
  • Flood protection works referring to culverts design and flood protection open channels
  • Evaluation of Potable Water Distribution Zones
  • Potable Water General Reservoir 14,000 m3
  • Potable water distribution networks 35.0 km, Φ150 to Φ600 pipes
  • Storm drainage design system 30km, Φ400 to Φ900 pipes and 1.00X100 to 3.50X1.00 culverts
  • Storm Water Attenuation Ponds
  • Urban Treated Sewage Effluent Irrigation network 36 km, Φ100 to Φ600 pipes, including TSE Pumping Station
  • Preparation of bill of Quantities, Tender and Construction Documents