About Us

Hydrogroup Consulting was formed from the collaboration of two leading engineering consulting firms in the Greek engineering industry, Hydromon and Hydromitem (the Hydraulic Engineering depatment of Omitem Consulting Engineers S.A.) as well as selected partners with exceptional experience and expertise in various engineering disciplines.

As a result of their long-standing cooperation in the design of major infrastructure projects, this collaboration seeks to capitalize the added value of the merged experience and combined scientific expertise of its members in order to form a strong team of researchers and engineers capable of successfully coping with the ever-increasing demands of the design of complex infrastructure projects.

Hydrogroup constantly aims to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative blending of technical expertise, practical experience, and technological resources. Our mutual goal is to provide quality engineering and consulting services covering all aspects of hydraulic works' projects throughout the entire life cycle of the project from inception to post-completion.

We are driven by a well-defined set of Core Values, including Excellence and Innovation. This fuels our intense focus on continuous improvement leading to repeated commendation by our industry, clients and beneficiaries.

In addition to the experience and high scientific training of the personnel, our quality assured procedures (ISO 9001: 2008) guarantee both the internal coherence and the seamless cooperation of the members of the sector, and in particular the smooth, valid and timely preparation of all studies.